четвер, 20 лютого 2014 р.

Must to read each!

This blog is sometimes visited by users from other countries: USA, Germany, Russia and others. And about the true situation in Ukraine doesn't know everyone. I'll try to fix it.

Must to read each!

People from all over the world who follow the situation in the world you may know what is going on in Ukraine .

People kill dozens on the streets just in broad daylight. And kill them because they are Ukrainians , because they want to live in an ordinary , normal country where you can freely express their opinion and not be afraid of this, because they are opposed to the usual get regular medical help and medical care and education is was only giving a bribe against . that the officials and the police openly breaking the law by killing people and raping women and do not bear responsibility for it and do not do anything to ensure that your dignity will eventually respect and treat you as to a human . And people are dying for it . This takes place in the twenty-first century in the center of Europe. The consciousness of many people take it so hard . It's just medieval barbarism.

And no fascism or extremism here not. Don't believe it! And disseminate true information !

We live in a very difficult time for the world , at a time when technological progress has eclipsed the mind and consciousness where evil , more and more drivers in the world where God's simple truths are forgotten .

Just remember that we are all created by God and all are to each other brothers and sisters , just remember that. People - this is not your enemy , your enemy - the devil is inside you and it must be fought , and it he should be a killed.

All You Need Is Love. Peace and Love - these simple and banal slogans hippies are as relevant now, just don't forget it and remember them sometimes.

Thank you for having spent some of your time to read this.

P.S : Sorry for some mistakes - my English is not perfect.